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Yes, YOU can contour too! A beginners guide to contouring.

November 07, 2016

Yes, YOU can contour too! A beginners guide to contouring.


Contour Powders Can Be Your Best Friend

Contouring can be intimidating. We see models and actresses in the media stating how easy it is to contour. Yeah right! You don’t have to be afraid of contouring nor be an expert in order to do it properly. Let me share with you some basics to create that perfectly sculpted face!

Pick a color

All you need is a nice contour powder,  a brush and some creativity! For example our best seller Victorious, an all natural version of the cult classic Chanel’s Notorious is a customer favorite for contouring. At first glance you will notice it’s a grey type shade. When you think about what a shadow is, it too is a grayish illusion. When contouring the face what you are trying to do is create a “shadow” effect which in turn provides that “contoured” look. Making Victorious the perfect contouring powder.


If Victorious is not your thing then try brown toned contours such as Taupe Chisel or Nutmeg Chisel.

What Are The Correct Tools?

An angled brush such as Addictive Cosmetics blush brush works great for contouring. It has a pointed tip that can be utilized in picking up product to place it precisely in the correct spots. Flip it over to blend out and erase hard lines.


Ready and Contour!

Once you have picked your shade you are ready to start contouring. Apply the powder opposite to where the sun would naturally hit your face. This means that you would need to apply in the hollows of your cheekbones, directly under the chin bone, along the hairline and sides of your nose. Use light, sweeping strokes building as you go. You want to slowly add color rather than painting it on.

Blend, Blend and Blend!

Once contour is applied, blend, blend, blend! Blending is key to achieving a perfectly contoured face. Lightly sweep the brush in a back and forth motion.

Don’t expect perfection right away. Practice makes perfect! Hopefully these beginners tips will help you become a contouring queen in no time. Have fun!

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