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Flat Matte Bronzer and Contour Powder- All Natural, Vegan Friendly Cosmetics

  • This flat matte bronzer adds some color and warmth to your face without the sparkle. Accentuates cheekbones and adds some "warmth" to your face. This is also a contouring powder to help chisel sections of the face that may need a little more definition.

    Addictive Cosmetics blushes, highlighters and contour products come in a full 20 gram jar with a sifter top. They are SO pigmented the jar will last you foreeeeverrr!!!


    >>>>>Makeup Artist Tip!<<<<< If using as a bronzer or to contour take your brush and sweep from back, (near ear) to front under you cheekbone. Bronzer is supposed to lift your cheekbones. Darkening a bit under them it accentuates the lighter more lifted part of your face, your cheekbones. Even if you feel like you don't have them it will give the illusion that you do! Ahhh, the power of makeup!! ;) I always say cotouring the face is like a free facelift! Try it! ********************************************************

    See what customers are saying!

    "Great color and blends great too!" Kayla

    "This is great for contouring. I have light skin and was looking for a vegan alternative that didn't come off as orange. This is great stuff." Birdie 


    All natural ingredients mean good for your skin makeup! Great for all skin types because there are no synthetic fillers, waxes, dyes, parabens, or any other synthetic ingredient that will harm or irratate skin. Gluten free. Contains zinc to protect skin. Vegan friendly and I NEVER test on animals! Except for some of my friends... ;) Ingredients on all blushes may or may not include... Sericite Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Magnesium Stearate Please be aware all products are weighed to be the same. Contents may differ visually due to particle size but are the same amount.

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