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Emerald Eyeliner and Eyeshadow- All Natural, Vegan Makeup

  • Sick of using your same old black or brown eyeliner? Try some color! Emerald is a new color available in my new line of DIY eyeliners! Glide this lushly pigmented color on your eyes to create an attention getting look that dries to a waterproof finish and stays all day!

    *This listing includes a 5 gram jar of Emerald and a vial of Fixit Spray


    Why a Do it Yourself Eyeliner? So many reasons...

    1. Use your jar of minerals as an eyeliner, an eyeshadow, or even over a clear lipgloss to create your own lip color!

    2. Use Fixit Spray as an eye primer before applying as an eyeshadow. This stuff does it all!

    3. Because you are mixing your eyeliner before every use there is a lower risk of contamination and bacteria building up like in other eyeliners that have a constant "liquid" form or a wand that is kept in the container. Make sense?

    4. No oils or waxes. This is good news because when your skin warms liners that contain waxes or oils cause eyeliners to bleed.

    5. All natural, cosmetic grade minerals. No parabens, sulfates, bismuth oxychloride, soy, gluten or any other yucky stuff!



    This is what I use on all my clients. You can use this method to mix any of Addictive Eyeshadows as an eyeliner, (as seen in the third picture).

    When I send the products to you this is how you apply it...

    Spray a tad bit of Fixit spray in your palm, dip your angled brush into it, dip angled brush into dry minerals to pick up color, go back to your palm and mix into Fixit spray. Make sure it's not to watery, more as a creamy texture, line those eyes... Voila!!! Beautiful liner that will last all day, is heavily pigmented and color rich!

    Use your Fixit spray as your eyeshadow primer! This all natural blend does it all. And of course! Use your eyeliner color as an eyeshadow! I like to make my products versatile so you can really get more bang for your buck! Naturally!!!

    Customer testimonials…

    "For a while now, I've been looking for all-natural/vegan makeup that I like... FOUND IT! Thank you so much!"

    "Absolutely love this colour! Lots of pigment and stays on!"

    "Love the color and the Fix it! Smooth communication too. :) Thank you so much!! "

    "Tried on back of hand as soon as it arrived. Color was vibrant and beautiful both with dry and wet application and went on smoothly. Thanks! "

    "I finally used your black eyeliner and I have to say I love it !!!!! It stays on it's just as good as any other brand I have used!!! It actually is better because it is Organic!!! And the sample eyeshadows you sent me are just beautiful. I will be buying all of your eyeliners in every color as well as your eyeshadows !! I can not wait to use them on my clients.... Thank you for the FABULOUS makeup!!! XOXO"

    "It's so refreshing to know your whole stock is vegan... Thank you again!"


    Mineral eyeliners are made from pigments straight from Mother Earth's finest ingredients.

    My All Natural products are hand mixed by me =) No harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, parabens, or fillers added. Non Comedogenic, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Hypoallergenic, Vegan and NEVER tested on animals!

    Ingredients on all eyeliners may or may not include...
    Sericite Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Magnesium Stearate. Vegetable Glycerine, Distilled Water, Kaolin Clay, Vitamin E, Aloe

    This listing comes with a vial of Fixit Spray and a 5 gram jar of mineral powder that can be used as both an eyeliner or eyeshadow. I try to offer versatility in products!