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FIXIT- 100% All Natural, Vegan Eye Primer and Mixing Medium. New larger size, glass containers!

  • As an EYE PRIMER- Fixit is an all natural eye primer solution and mixing medium. Apply it to eyelids with your finger or a brush, (do not spray directly on eye), wait 30 seconds till somewhat dry and tacky, dab on eyeshadow over it. Voila! Vibrant shadow color that will stay all day!

    To create a LIQUID LINER- In a separate container combine FIXIT with any Addictive Cosmetics eyeshadow to create a liquid eyeshadow. You can literally paint on your eyeshadow. Use this method to get the fullest intensity of the color.

    As a GLITTER ADHESIVE or to make a GLITTER EYELINER- Use Fixit for getting your glitters to stick. Apply as an eye primer and then dab on glitter over it once it's at a tacky and almost dry. Or, liquify glitter with FIXIT to create a liquid eyeliner.

    To make an EYEBROW GEL-Mix in a separate container or in your palm a bit of FIXIT and any Addictive Cosmetics eyebrow powder to make a brow gel.

    So many great uses with this little gem!


    Fixit Testimonials…

    "Wow, great product!! My eye makeup looked great all day even in the texas heat! And it's safe and natural to put on my skin, great job Amber:)"

    "I've always thought eyeliner looked great on others, but I could never seem to apply it easily myself and it would always end up running all over my eyelids and look ridiculous. However, this primer does a great job keeping it in place. Maybe there's hope for me yet!"

    "Simple, clean, not heavy, or greasy."

    "Works wonderful with the mineral eyeshadows and eyeliners. The colors are more vivid and last longer."


    Fixit Spray comes in a 10ml glass atomizer bottle. Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Water, Lucidal Liquid, Vegetable Glycerine. All products hand made. No harsh chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, parabens, talc or fillers added.

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