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MASCARA-Pro Vitamin Mascara- Vegan Friendly- All natural, Organic Ingredients


    Packed with vitamins and goodness to help lashes grow while leaving them conditioned so they are soft and not flaky. This all natural mineral mascara is great for those with sensitive eyes, allergies, and those who don't want unnecessary junk in their mascara!

    *Vegan Friendly
    *Cruelty Free
    *Paraben Free
    *Sulphate Free
    *Soy Free
    *Gluten Free
    *Phthalates Free
    *Triclosan Free
    *Fragrance Free
    *Chemical Free


    Application tips…
    Let fully dry in between coats. Natural mascaras need to be dry between coats to build thickness and length. I do 3 coats for lots of lashes! ;)

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