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MATTE, SET, GO! Lipstick Mattify and Setting Powder- All natural

  • Do you like your lipsticks extra matte? Get my new matte and set powder for matte lips that won't wear off! This all natural blend locks in color and keeps it in place! Matte, Set, Go!

    Matte, Set, Go! Comes in a 5 gram jar. I dab on over lipstick with my finger until matte.

    TIP! Wear over cream products such as eyeshadows and blushes to lock in color too! Or, if you have oily eyelids sweep some on to keep oils at bay.


    See why people love AC Lip products!

    "Works perfectly and with any color I use it with. A great buy worth every penny!"

    "I've never used a mattifying and setting powder before, but it works really, really well - it makes my lipstick look better and stay on for longer. Superior stuff!"

    "This powder made my lipstick a perfect matte look. Thanks!"

    "Thanks so much! Great product!"

    This product contains pearl powder which is considered NON VEGAN
    NEVER tested on animals!!!

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