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NEW! DESIGNER FRAGRANCES and more- Natural Version Perfume Rollerball Scents- Vegan Friendly Fragrance

  • NEW DESIGNER SCENTS ARE HEREEE!!! Your FAVORITE scents in an All Natural version! Scents listed below.

    Apply to wrists, neck, cleavage or wherever you want!

    Each Rollerball Perfume has a jewel or 2 or 3 in the tube to add a little bling to your fragrance!


    SIN-SATION- Inspired by PLEASURES by Estee Lauder. A delightfully sheer floral scent.

    JUICY- The popular Addictive Cosmetics scent JUICY is now available as a rollerball perfume! Juicy is a fruity, sweet smell. If you know the popular BBW scent "Pearberry" this is exactly what Juicy smells like! I love this one! A perfect summer scent!

    CLOSE ENCOUNTER- Inspired by Thierry Muglers ALIEN. A warm and woody fragrance that evokes mystery and intrigue.

    FETISH- Inspired by OBSESSION. A classic that was born in 1985 Obsession is described as a spicy and clean scent that exudes citrus and bergamot.

    LAZY DAISY- Inspired by Marc Jacobs DAISY. A floral, feminine and playful scent that makes me feel awake, alive and downright sexy! I actually LOVE this one and own the original. I HAD to make it for you!

    CRAZY 4 COCONUTS- Ok, so this isn't inspired by a designer scent but it does smell Mmm, Mmmm good! For those of you that love coconut you will definitely go CRAZY 4 COCONUTS!

    MONKEY FARTS- What would a Monkey Fart smell like? Bananas of course! This is really a sweet and yummy scent. Now you can smell like a MONKEY FART! ;)

    MERMAIDS KISS- It's back! And in a rollerball perfume option. The popular Addictive Cosmetics scent MERMAIDS KISS is now available as a natural perfume. Mermaids Kiss is a fresh blend of Lily of the Valley, Apple Blossom and Rose petals. A romantic and sensuous pleasure for your senses.

    VIVA- Inspired by Juicy Coutures VIVA LA JUICY- It carries notes of Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Gardenia. It has a creamy caramel and vanilla base to it. It's not too sweet though. This is a perfume I have been wearing for years! I LOVE it! It's not to young and not to mature at the same time. It's sexy, daring and tempting. I HAD to make it for you!

    DE-LISH- Inspired by DKNY's BE DELICIOUS. The scrumptious scent will make everyone around you want to take a bite out of you! It's a sweet and floral scent with notes of crisp apple. I have the original of this one and HAD to make it for you!

    HELLO SUNSHINE- Inspired by Clinique HAPPY. An awakening experience this fresh floral and fruit inspired fragrance is a classic sure to make you feel HAPPY!

    I AM BEAUTIFUL, (not pictured)- Inspired by JUICY COUTURE. A blend of Gardenia, Honeysuckle and Jasmine make up this alluring and playful scent.


    Why is this stuff so great?

    * Addictive Cosmetics Rollerball Scents are made with an all natural blend of Coconut Oil
    * Alcohol Free
    * Paraben, Soy, Gluten, Wheat, Nut, Petroleum, Phthalate free
    * Nourishes skin without being greasy or drying.
    * Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free
    * Fits in your purse or pocket so you can take it with you!
    * Because it's an oil and contains no drying alcohol scents last all day!!!
    * No headaches for you or those around you. Just a nice, more natural scent made to blend with your bodies own pheromones instead of covering them up like a store bought perfume containing alcohol does.


    Each Rollerball Scent is packaged in a 1/3 ounce glass tube with rollerball and twist on cap.


  • Ingredients include, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, (for preservation, moisturization and skin revitalizing properties), Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils.

    My All Natural products are handmade by me =) No harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, preservatives, dyes, talc, or fillers added. Vegan and NEVER tested on animals!