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PORE-FECT BALANCE Skincare Duo- Pore-fection Deep Cleansing Toner and Ready, Set Go! Face Primer and Makeup Setting Spray. Natural. Vegan

  • Get PORE-FECTION and READY, SET GO! and get skin clean, clear and on point! Whether you are purchasing this skin balancing combo for your teenager or for yourself you can feel confident that skin is getting a deep clean in an all natural way. It leaves skin with a clean and invigorated feeling! What a great gift idea! ;)

    About the products...

    PORE-FECTION to the rescue!!! Deep clean pores and combat oily skin and bacteria on the face by adding PORE-FECTION to your daily routine! Washing your face everyday is great yes but you need to deep clean pores so that they don't become clogged with residue from daily makeup or daily environmental pollutants. I wash my face and then use PORE-FECTION and the cotton ball still comes out a bit dirt tinged showing washing your face doesn't get everything. There is still built up residue that gets left behind. PORE-FECTION is an all natural blend of Tea Tree Essential Oil, Witch Hazel, and distilled water. Why do I use these ingredients? Well...

    Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural antibacterial treatment and has anti inflammatory properties making it the perfect solution for fighting acne.

    Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that removes excess oils from the skin while also shrinking pores. It also has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties as well.

    And water, well water is always great for hydrating the skin!

    Directions: Use daily or every other day depending on your skins needs. Squeeze 3 or 4 drops onto a clean cotton ball and concentrate on T-Zone and problem areas. Stay away from eyes.

    Ingredients include: Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water

    Packaged in a 2 oz bottle


    READY, SET GO! All Natural, Aloe and Cucumber Infused Face Primer and Makeup setting Mist can be used in multiple ways! Use before makeup routine, (and after PORE-FECTION toner if you have it). Use to set makeup after makeup routine. Or simply use whenever you feel like a refreshing, cool blast of moisture which is always great for your skin. And mood! ;)

    Ingredients include: Aloe, Water, Witch Hazel, Cucumber Oil.

    Packaged in a 2 oz spray bottle


    As always...

    * Alcohol Free
    * Phthalate Free
    * Paraben Free
    * Sulfate Free
    * Gluten Free
    * Hypoallergenic
    * Non Comedogenic
    * Vegan
    * Cruelty Free

    My All Natural products are handmade by me =) No harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, preservatives, dyes, parabens, talc or fillers added. NEVER tested on animals!

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