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THE PERFECT RED- Lipstick and Liner. Vegan friendly.

  • Introducing Addictive Cosmetics NEW lipstick line! I am so excited to make every color of the rainbow for you! I have perfected my vegan and all natural lipstick base made from Candelillia Wax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Castor Oil and Vanilla Oil. I mix in color from Micas and Oxides and voila! All natural lipstick, organic and vegan friendly lip butter that feels great on your lips and is naturally moisturizing!

    THE PERFECT RED is a matte, bright red. It's a blue-based ruby red shade with a very, very slight orange tint. The orange tint gives it a warmer tone. Because The Perfect Red embodies warm AND cool tones it can be worn on anyone and look great! That's why I call it…The Perfect Red!

    Can't wear you're lipstick without a lipliner or lipgloss? I got you covered! THE PERFECT RED is available in a both!

    Do you like your lipsticks extra matte? Get my new matte and set powder for matte lips that won't wear off! This all natural blend locks in color and keeps it in place! Matte, Set, Go!


    See why people love AC Lip products!

    "Love, love, love this color! It really is the PERFECT red. Just a great experience with my first purchase, i love the light and subtle scent..not overbearing like some lipsticks. And it has great texture. I'll definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks so much for the free sample!!"

    "this is the perfect red!! very happy with all four of my lipstick/lipjunkies, thank you for the sample eyeshadow"

    "A lost my first so I had to re purchase because I adore it!"

    "This really is perfect. Never buying any other red again."

    "I can never find lipsticks that I like, and I LOVE this color. It truly is the perfect red. This lady ain't lying. ;) Amazingly fast shipping."

    "Pretty lipstick and excellent service!"

    "LOOKS GREAT ON ME!!!!!!!! LOL "

    "Beautiful !! Thank you for the free gift amazing :))) Will come back again for sure :)) "

    "Great lipstick! The color seems to last longer than store brands & is moisturizing. You cannot as for more than that."

    "The lipstick you sent me feels great on my lips. Thanks!"
    Jennifer in OH

    "Very nice seller with excellent customer service. Gorgeous colour lipstick..thank you Amber." (about Electric lipstick)

    "I am enjoying all my new Vegan cosmetics. I highly recommend this seller. I love all that I have purchased and will be back for more."
    Laura in CA


    NEVER tested on animals. Vegan friendly.

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